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Exquisite Balinese Batik by Mirah

Princess Mirah presents a sophisticated collection of beautiful hand-made Bali batiks. Mirah Zriya is the evolution of Princess Mirah’s batik design into a new era. The Swan iconizes the purity and authenticity of batik tradition.

Batik by Mirah is created by authentic batik craftsmanship that uses copper stamp, waxing and dying of cloth to create incomparable colors and designs. All made especially for you to create a patchwork of true designs and true colors that stays close to your heart.

Since 1981 Princess Mirah has brought the best of Bali batik design to the world, from the catwalks of New York in the 1980s to today’s discerning quilters. Princess Mirah wishes her Bali batiks to create a space of creativity where each stays true to their vision of making the world more beautiful.

All aspects of Bali traditions are integral to Princess Mirah’s heritage. Her royal lineage stretches back to the famous founder of the Majapahit rule in Bali five centuries ago. Even today there is no palace in Bali filled with more spirit than where the princess lives. Princess Mirah takes much care and love in her Bali batik designs to bring that incomparable sense of the Island of the Gods to you.


Make sure you have the original copper stamp batik. Make sure you chose Batik by Mirah as they are truly and authentically made for you.

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