tooth filing ceremony (mepandes)

Applying for Brown University, where she now studies, Diahndra Kemala Ningrat, Princess Mirah’s daughter, wrote a college application essay. Here are some excerpts that speaks of Diahndra’s experience of the tooth-filing ceremony, mepandes:

In the far east of Bali the full moon hung portentously over Puri Agung Karangasem Royal Palace. …



family temple ceremony (merajan)

Princess Mirah loves the Balinese tradition. Every six months, following the moon calendar, Princess Mirah’s family, like all families in Bali, celebrates the birthday of the family temple. Here they are dancing the offerings – flowers, money,…..


royal family temple ceremony (odalan)

That day, at dawn, before light awoke from its slumber, some members of the royal family of Karangasem, the children of Prince Anom, walked up the dirt path at the foot of Mount Lempuyang, on the north-east corner of Bali, heading towards the temple of Pura Bukit, where the thirty symbols of the gods, pratima, ….



Pura Bukit, carrying the gods to the sea

There, at the foot of Mount Lempuyang, waiting for the prayer and the procession that will carry the gods to the sea…