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The Original in Bali Batik design since 1981

It was a light drizzle in the air, as if a blessing from the Gods of Bali, when the quilters arrived early morning at one of Princess Mirah’s factories. It was perhaps auspicious, since the quilters arrived only late the night before, that their first true impression of Bali was to be greeted by Princess Mirah at one of her factories. But was that not why the quilters were in Bali, to get true insight into the magic art of making batiks?

The quilters were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, curious, and more than once during Princess Mirah’s introduction to the secrets of design and batik making, quilters and Princess Mirah drifted deep into talk about designs and motifs, patterns and quilts, more than once speaking of the passion and sophistication it truly takes to appreciate colors and shapes and fabrics.

But more than talk, the quilters got to try their hands at the art of batik stamping, to the joy of everyone. And more than talk, the quilters could see and touch, the upcoming collection right there in the batik master’s workshop, knowing full well that it was from such a workshop that Princess Mirah introduced batiks to the quilting community for the first time more than 26 years ago.

The quilters wanted to see more, and got a glimpse into the workshop of the color master, who knows the astonishing and complex art of blending colors for Princess Mirah’s vibrant designs. And more than see, the quilters could not resist the urge to pick out some of Princess Mirah’s wonderful batiks.

The day at the factory was so smooth and delightful that Princess Mirah more than once had the feeling that she had met many of the quilters before. But maybe that feeling stems from a common sense of beauty, a shared delight in shapes and colors. Who could know, that in such a humble workshop, batiks of such astonishing beauty could be made. And perhaps for some of the quilters, as they continued their journey in Bali, all they could think of was the beautiful patterns they could make with Princess Mirah’s batiks.